Pop is retro at stylist and look maker Susanna Ausoni’s room in Via San Maurilio 24, Milan.

“I’ve created a space where new style and past style can meet and blend.
More than once, I’ve found myself looking into my grandmother’s closet, thinking that those clothes had something modern about them, and that they would look great with my new clothes. 
This is the feeling that I get every time I discover a vintage piece, and a new collection, and I choose them for my store.” Susanna Ausoni

my room is located in downtown Milan, in a building from the beginning of the 1900s, and isn’t just a boutique. It’s a place where you can find inspiration, and try out a thousand different ways to reinvent your wardrobe.

Some clothes love you. We are waiting for you.

« A room, a living room, an attic » Glamour

« A cozy room, to share with friends, you will find good advice, taste and a moose hanging on the wall, a symbol of femininity and awareness of its value » Vogue